Eyes like static

A few years ago I started working on writing some fiction works, based on things that I had experienced, set entirely in a futuristic environment, tentatively entitled Damselfly. Mainly well, because I am a science fiction geek mostly, and I can relate more to that than real life stuff usually. So I’ve been carrying around a handwritten leather journal for years now, late nights I would jot things down, sometimes I would wake up and write stuff and totally not remember doing it the next day.

For a lot of the scene settings I would listen to music first, and then write the imagery for it. As if I was writing a movie based on the soundtrack that was playing. Upon reflection I discovered that’s what I am doing presently with AFE, and realized that both of my last solo creative outlets have seemed to be blurring and crossing lines somehow. How I managed to blindly start working in two separate forms of media to come across and make the same point I have no idea. Maybe subconsciously my brain is telling me these are things I need to do, whether it’s writing them, or singing them, that I need to get out there and do it. I guess it only matters is that one person could eventually get it, and if I make that connection however far away, wherever, whenever…than it should be worth it. In the end. Someone once said “The most important thing to man is that when we lived, we mattered to at least just one person“.  And I’d call that a successful life. Right?

Either way, the outlets start to form a labyrinth sometimes, and I get tired of trying to figure out what to do next when I know I should just keep exploring forward headstrong. The things that are missing shouldnt be the most important things, but more so the things that are there. On text that speaks volumes, but unfortunately it does not always translate well IRL.

I intend on posting some unedited parts of  my novel Damselfy soon here, so stick around for that.


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