Are you out there?

Spent some time this weekend working with my main project Return To Cinder, writing new material and such and in the process of recruiting a new lead vocalist. You can read all about that here, if you want. But anyhow the song above was one that we do occasionally (or whenever I decide I can sing it – singing, drinking, standing, and playing are a chore for me sometimes) and as we were going over this Jawbreaker tune a few times, I figured we would do a quick live video and I’d post it to see how it sounded.

Well after a few takes we got tired of propping up the phone on random things to get all of us in the shot so we scrapped it (the recording), and I figured I would go ahead and post my version of the song that I had laid tracks for, I believe in 2008 previously virtually unreleased. Note this was before I had joined up with the rest of the fellas of the Return To Cinder band, I had been doing some solo recording back then under the same name. It’s a great song to cover, and marks another landmark in my tumultuous music career.

You can download the .mp3 of RTC’s cover of Jawbreaker’s ‘Do You Still Hate Me’ free from this link here.

I played all the guitars, bass and vocals on this song while the drums and recording engineering were done by Billy Oscar Meyer at AR Studios in south Texas.


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