Press R for record

Spent the day recording a song after acquiring a digital 8-track app for my iPhone. I have to say if they had this kind of technology 15 yrs ago (edit: make that 20yrs) when I was studying my manual on how to use my 4-track cassette recorder things would have been much easier. I carted those 4-track tapes around for years in a box with tons of music and ideas spewed all through them. And now I can record hi-fi music with an item that rides in my pocket 24/7. I never would have predicted that, ever. I have also been recording a video in 8mm that I will be synching up to said song, I should have the rest of it filmed by the weekend. I have run out of film ideas being trapped in my home still, I wish there was water nearby. Blue water that is. Natural blue water anyways. It would look rad in 8mm.

“And I broke parole just to get to you.”


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