Repeater Sessions

SG+SAW=AFESo as I am moving along working with story material (unbeknownst and quite faster than I’ve anticipated), I’ve decided to put some of these songs down and try to record soon. Maybe within 6 or so weeks depending on studio availability and when I am back on my feet. I have had too much thinking time, and down time that I should have enough momentum to pull off some decent recordings in a few sessions.

As far as songs, at this time I will probably pick 2 or so from each chapter of my sets, and maybe put together some good imagery to go with them. I’ll try to share the story in some writing if the resources permit. I have always wanted to use some samples from the movie Solaris on my music tracks and I think this would be a prime candidate for it. If you haven’t ever seen that flick then I whole heartedly suggest acquiring a copy of the American version, it has always been one of my favorite completely rare science fiction love tragedies. Yeah I just said that.


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