I spent this weekend working on songs, or picking some and playing around with the selections I already have. Sometimes the songs I like don’t always translate as well in an acoustic format, so I end up tweaking them or changing bridges and usually throwing in some minor chords (they are my favorite) to add some style of my own to them.

I am about half way done with my Chapter 2 set, and I spent may last few days rehearsing those 4 songs. I have pretty much all the songs picked out, and right now it looks like I won’t be replaying any of the songs I did in my Chapter 1 set unless someone asks to hear something specific from it.

So what do I do when I am finished telling my story? Well I have a feeling that this story won’t be over for a while, but until then, I still have plenty of material to work with.

“In worried piles, I typed for miles, and you just stood there”


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