Picture getting the soundtrack of a movie, before ever seeing the movie. So you are then able to put together your own pieces, possibly relate and apply, or maybe never get any of it all. And then whether you ever see the movie or not, you will interprete it as you will.

Since I really haven’t had this page up too long, I never got to talk about Chapter 1 of my show. With most first chapters you would think that the story would start off fresh and new, not so much in this case. My story begins with a loss. A loss, then leaving. Sometimes those are the best new beginnings. Sometimes they cause you to dig deep, and find strength in places you didn’t know you ever had. And sometimes they make you do desperate things, whatever the case – traumatic events induce change. We’ll in my story, my change is a leap. A huge leap. I jumped, and left a huge comfort zone. I traded familiarity and security with heading into the unknown, and with virtually out a net.

Without saying too much, because most is best left to the imagination. I have often found with listening to music at times, I’d rather know less of what songs are about, and more about what the songs mean to me. With these songs, I can’t say you’ll get it, but they have left an imprint on me that takes me to places. Some good, some bad and so vivid that I lose myself. And just like the way things happen, even though one chapter closes, it always leaves a residual mark. And that mark can cause old events to resurface, as will these  individual songs ultimately resurface in chapters to come.

“Do the stars conspire, to shock us into tiny measures”.


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