Return To Cinder, band update August.

I wasn’t planning on talking too much about my other projects besides AFE here but I think on the large-scale, if it’s something that hits an emotional thread then it will probably find its way on here, since I plan to keep this outlet and act more personal than business.

First things first, I am very unhappy to say that the lead frontman/vocalist for my loud and proud band Return To Cinder, Colin Rabke has officially resigned as of Sunday from the group. I won’t go into why or what’s other than it was for personal and family reasons. I have to say that I have known this fellow from when he was 15 and singing in bands and it’s very unfortunate that he will no longer be performing with RTC. He is a supremely talented musician and will find his niche again I’m sure, rather I know he will. I will say that Return to Cinder will not be or sound the same without him and his great vocal range and stage presence. We are uncertain at this time as to what direction we will take from here, but I assure you (I) we won’t sit tight for too long because we have been doing this too long, collectively between me, Mike Arguellez the bassist and Felix Quintanilla the drummer we have been performing the majority of our lives. We just have to look at it as more the time to evolve into what we are meant to be…

I still will  be doing my solo act as AFE, maybe more often now than I thought so before. And I apologize for the next shows in September, October and November for RTC that we will have to cancel or put on hold till we decide what things will happen next.


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