October show…with Hudson Falcons.

Hudson Falcons

As confirmed as I can be as of right now I will be presenting Chapter 2 of my story with Apples For Eyes alongside the Hudson Falcons from NJ and Stout City Luchadores on October 15, 2011 in Victoria Texas at the DownTown Bar & Grill. I’m looking forward to this gig quite a bit, I have done so many shows with both of those bands in my music career that I can’t even count them on all my digits…it’ll  be a good night. The lineup isn’t completely confirmed just yet but I’ll be doing some updating as we get closer to October.

The odd thing is I have performed with 3 totally separate bands and opened shows for Hudson, that should show you how long these fellas have been banging it out on the tour circuit over the years. I believe my first time I shared a bill was around 1997. Most of you were still pups around then…Anyhow, this will be my 4th new gig to go up on stage and if you haven’t seen them, then there is a reason for you to come out, they put on a great show.


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